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 Gold prices today,  

The global gold market is witnessing a halt in trading today, Monday, April 25, 2022, which is the weekly date to stop trading on gold, but the gold market still suffers from clear price turmoil, as it changes. For the continued change in the price of the dollar in the market.
Gold prices witnessed remarkable stability at the time of writing these lines, but prices may witness several changes despite the global halt in gold trading.
21 karat gold price
Today’s gold prices in Egypt of 21 karat, which is the best-selling in Egypt, record 1090 pounds per gram at the time of drafting these lines without adding gold workmanship, and we may witness an increase in the event of an increase in the prices of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound.
Today's gold price 18 karat
Today, 18 karat gold prices in Egypt witnessed recording levels of 934 pounds per gram, and it may rise to the level of 950 pounds in the coming hours in the event of any movement in dollar prices.
And the price of 24 karat gold rose to 1251 pounds per gram.

gold pound price
The price of the gold pound rose to 8760 pounds, and the price may vary from one merchant to another, and this price is equal to the value of gold in the pound, and its price is linked to the prices of a gram of 21 karat.

The price of gold today globally
Today, the global stock exchanges are an official holiday, and they will resume their work tomorrow, Monday.
The global price of gold during the trading session last Friday, the last session of the week, reached about 1931 dollars an ounce, a decrease of 1.03%, according to Bloomberg Agency data.
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